Re: Centerboard ply core

Try Flying

I've done a Tramp C/B in cedar with carbon uni reinforcements where mine is Divinycell 80kg foam and carbon wrapped HD spine both work and are appreciably lighter than ply... I think there are some pics in the rudders etc photo album..  I'd vote no on adding weight or water ballast as I don't feel our hull shapes have enough flotation to have them add any real benefit.  Short steep chop is the worst and like you say can beat you up a bit. Keeping powered up by dropping down a few degrees and cutting thru it is the best but not always possible/practical.

Sheet on, travel out and hold on for the bumpy ride :)

On our boats if your burying the leeward float then its time to reef , not add water ballast IMHO. The only time I wished I had more weight was running before 20+ knots in 3m swell and foolishly had the full rig up. Holding the back of the boat down was an issue with a big square top main. Reefing was the solution....while I convinced my son to sit as far back as possible (ie get out on the sugar scoop..) while I went fwd.

I assume you were getting slammed beam on to snap the c/b? Must of been a slog getting back without it if you needed to go to windward.

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