Update, interior work, mainly wiring and lights

Try Flying

Awesome walk thru Dennis.

Can you post a link for the Coulombmeter as I like it better than the hard to read display I got also those sensor LED strips...very cool.

Lots of great ideas and I really like the clean install and those under cockpit lights.

OK my suggestions (since you asked)
  • Loose the galley hand pump and put in a foot pump.... had one of those and much prefer to be able to wash hands get water etc "hands free".
  • While my interior is all white gloss I would prefer that the cabin ribs were still timber clear (the compression post is and I like the contrast, Interior colours and lighting are so important in small spaces and make a huge difference in the homely feel. Much larger boat but love the look that they did on UMA (youtubers)
  • I took a 3/8" round over bit to all my cabin ribs as the original rather square profile hurts a lot more on the noggin that the now curved edge.
As they say here in Oz .."Looking Schmick" :)


Here's the latest update. Bit longer than last video, more updates to follow!