Mooring bridal

Paul Macloy

Please help! 
New mooring is going is going in Thursday. 
Need suggestions for mooring bridle (correct term?) I have many options of rope for snubber (?) 
How to triangulate for most stable mooring for live aboard? 

Try Flying

I'd setup like when we anchor and setup the primary line as the one to the bow of the main hull then have a single "bridal" line that attaches ~ 2 or 3 m down this main rode using a prussic loop. This leg is run thru a pulley out on the float close to the fwd beam and back to a winch so attitude can be adjusted. I also tie the boom off to the opposite side so as to cause the boat to weather cock and thus help align the boat slightly off the wind to reduce hunting.

On a mooring due to the short scope and usually heavy tackle I have put a fender under the main rode before the main cleat to help reduce hard fetching.. some form of shock absorption is wanted in choppy conditions.

Obviously you do need to be aware of how all the above will situate the boat within a mooring field as you don't want to react too differently to those around you.

Paul Macloy

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