Working on the interior

Paul Macloy

During the hot raining season I've put a temporary AC split system inside and working on the interior. 
Electrical wiring, electronics, LED lighting, plumbing, water systems, safety equipment etc. 


That looks really amazing!

Danny Mydlack

WOW! That does look terrific!


Hey, Paul, looking good. IIRC from previous, your boat has an extra 1m in between the akas...??? That main saloon looks looooooong compared with my standard, short, day-cabin version.

Is that space forward of the galley on the port side a berth? Appears to be, has holes in the abse presumably for ventilation. If so, what are the dimensions of that berth? And do you have other berths?

Other pics I have of your boat are small low-res 'before' pics from years ago....


Paul Macloy

Sorry Mark, just realized I hadn't replied to you. 
Yes the hull has be extended by 1.2 m? 
Plus the cockpit is shorter then I've seen on other designs giving more interior. When it came to me it had a double birth then single on starboard and gally on port followed by another double. Plus a V birth
Total 6 birth
The starboard double took up so much room and blocked the galley way. I've removed the birth and it's a seating area with folding table that allows two crew to pass each other. Batteries where stored under birth at a stupid angle, I've changed to LiFePo4 and put then under the aft beams. 
I wanted a bigger galley without shortening the birth on the port side. So built a waterproof shelf over the foot of the mattress. Still plenty of foot room. The birth has sliding boxes under it that sit on top of the center board. These can be removed and the birth base folds down for access to centerboard and storage space behind it. 
The birth takes a standard single mattress 185 x 915 which I find no problem for a double. 
What as the single birth on starboard side will become a workbench. 

Try Flying

I cant get over just how much space is inside your TT !

Very cool layout