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New Farrier/Corsair Trimaran Association Description from the original Yahoo Group ----------------- Group Description ----------------- This forum was established in 2012 to cover all aspects of Farrier designs including the new F-22 trimaran. It has grown from the original forum seeded by the late Ian Farrier, covering all F-boat multihulls (built by anyone), and has 5 to 10 times the traffic of any other trimaran forum. Corsair built trimarans are also welcome, as are all other sailors who may be interested in multihulls, cat or tri, and just want to find out more. Having an online advisory service for all f-boats helps to make everything as easy as possible, and any questions on assembly, rigging, launching, and sailing the finished boat can thus be quickly answered by other owners or builders of these magnificent boats. Files include many technical drawings for the production F-22 and all other designs, and these cover all aspects from trailer to rig, including many important and useful part drawings, deck layouts, sail plans, new and used boat guides, plus the very latest Farrier Sailing Manual (2012) with many new color photos. More key drawings of many parts will be added to files as time permits. If you have any questions, answers, or interesting reports, or just want accurate information and open unmoderated discussions, then this is the place.
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  • FCT | F-Boats
    This is the original f-boats Yahoo group ----------------- Group Description ----------------- This list was started on December 18, 2000. and is a moderated list. It is for discussions relevant to folding trimarans inspired by the original concept created by Ian Farrier. Boats built to his designs by Ian himself, other companies or private individuals are included, as well as boats built to designs based on the concept, such as recent designs from Corsair Marine. Discussions sometimes spill over to topics general to multihulls or other sailing. Topics further afield such as politics or unrelated current events are not what the list is for.
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  • TrailerTris
    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *This group is predominantly for the discussion of all things related to Ian Farrier designed trimarans, TT680's and TT720's however other small sail boat cruisers and newer designs like the F22 are more than welome. It is a place to share ideas and support for those refitting, improving ones sailing skill or increasing our cruising comfort.* --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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